Our Mission

Our mission is to grow a social sports-community bringing athletes, sponsors and NGO’s together to engage fans towards a more fair and sustainable world.

We unite football and tech with charity-causes

Having more than 10-years of expertise in providing digital fundraising solutions for organizations like UNICEF, Red Cross, WWF, WFP, UNHCR on a global level, we have developed the secret sauce to engage an audience and raise funds for charitable causes. 


This expertise is now brought to the football industry where footballers use their passion for the beautiful game to raise funds and awareness in ways never seen before for both charities and their sports clubs.

From left: Erik Bjornsen – Ginga founder / Mourinho, Head Coach Roma / Abdullah, President MAHD Academy. Aug 2021 Charity Cup between ROMA and Betis with MAHD as major donor to support the fight against sudden heart-attack with a donation of €200,000 to Unbeatables Onlus.


As a purpose-driven SportTech start-up we bring value for our partners the following way:


You have probably already posted videos of your amazing skills engaging your followers.

Imagine now that your videos are being turned into help for those in need. That you easily connect with other like-minded athletes around the world, virtually and physically, and through fun skill contests you generate funds supporting a more fair and sustainable world.


Imagine your ROAS being maximized while making a real difference towards a more fair and sustainable world. Through meaningful purpose-driven campaigns promoted by athletes reaching out to their network with authentic user-generated content.

It is a unique branding method utilizing sportsengagement in combination with cause-marketing and peer-to-peer which is said to be the next wave of influencer marketing.


Imagine bringing new innovative concepts to your sponsors that will help them ENGAGE their audience in meaningful ways.

You have an untapped opportunity that GINGA will help you unlock bringing more value to your sponsors that takes your social responsibility to the next level. It’s your duty and it will have great impact on your business as a club.



Companies donate for a certain reason and altruism is the least of them. They do it to show they are good corporate citizens. Therefore they want publicity.

At GINGA we merge the two most emotional driven industries, sport, and charity, in new innovative ways turning athletes into your digital ambassadors.

Sponsors’ traditional ad spending can now be transformed into impactful donations while boosting visibility and customer loyalty.

The story behind
our brand-name

GINGA is the soul of Brazilian football. It is directly linked to Capoeira, a fight-dance developed by the African slaves in Brazil as a form of cultural resistance.


At the time when Capoeira was declared illegal the Brazilians began to use football as another way to practice their fight-dance secretly, and this gave birth to Ginga.


Pelé, the best sportsman of the 20th century introduced Ginga to the world and won the fans’ hearts with the beautiful style we all love.

Garrincha, Clodoaldo, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Romario, Neymar, and not at least Ronaldinho are all great examples of Brazilian players who bring true joy to the game with their Ginga style.



Ginga having roots in slavery that succeeded to be transformed into the beautiful game very much sums up our mission. 


We use the joy of football to create a movement towards a more fair and sustainable world.

Our Business Concept

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via ventotto luglio n. 212

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